The Big Bass Battle Plan

I created a plan based on 40 plus years of fishing experience to help you find and catch the biggest bass around.

Why should you download the BBBP?

  • Are you tired of only catching little bass?
  • Do you want to be able to post pictures of big bass on social media?
  • Do you want to achieve Big Fish Status among your friends?
  • Do you constantly buy new gear without any better results?

The Big Bass Battle Plan 

is a short PDF that gives you mental and tactical training to focus on the Hawgs!

  • Gives you 4 easy to follow steps
  • Doesn't matter if you only fish from shore or don't have a boat
  • Includes a small cheat sheet you can bring with you in the field
  • Best of all its FREE!!!

Do You Want the Secrets to Catching the Biggest Bass in Your Area?


I want to help you catch the bass of your dreams!

I put this plan together giving you my secrets from 40 years of fishing.


Jason Atkins

Atko CEO

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